Archives on Food, Culture and Nutrition is a multilingual (english, spanish and portuguese) online journal devoted to food from social and cultural perspectives. Archives on Food, Culture and Nutrition is an international journal open to multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary reflection on food, where researchers from different social and cultural fields can express their points of view about food as an essential element of human life.

This journal is a peer reviewed open access published twice a year.

It is supported by the International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF), an international network of academic researchers with a common interest in food from a social and cultural perspective.


David Conde (University of Extremadura-Spain)


Borja Rivero (University of Seville-Spain)

Editorial Board

Juanjo Cáceres (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya-Spain)

Lorenzo Mariano (University of Extremadura-Spain)

F. Xavier Medina (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya-Spain)

Mariluz Rodrigo (University of Zaragoza-Spain)

Elena Freire (University of Santiago de Compostela-Spain)

Cecilia Predet Massanet (National University of Distance Education- Spain)

Joana Lucas (NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Scientific Committee

Alícia Aguilar (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya-Spain)

Sarah Bak-Geller (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México-México)

Miriam Bertran (Universidad autónoma metropolitana/UAM-Xochimilco-Mexico)

Luís Cantarero (University of Zaragoza-Spain)

Janine Collaço (Universidade Federal de Goiás-Brasil)

Paul Collinson (Oxford Brookes University-UK)

Daría Deraga (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia-México)

Frédéric Duhart. (Université Sigmund Freud-France)

Elena Espeitx (University of Zaragoza-Spain)

Mabel Gracia (Universitat Rovira i Virgili-Spain)

Julián López (National University of Distance Education- Spain)

Helen Macbeth (Oxford Brookes University-UK)

Renata Menasche (Universidade Federal de Pelotas-Brasil)

José A. Vázquez (University of Occidente/UR Mazatlan-México)

Úrsula P. Verthein (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya-Spain)

Ruth Kutalek (University of Vienna-Austia)

Carmen Soares (Universidade da Coimbra-Portugal)