Extracta Mathematicae adheres to the ethical policy of COPE:


Selection process

The selection process will follow the COPE Code of Conduct. In particular, it is understood that a paper submitted to E.M. has not been published previously and that the same work is not simultaneously under consideration in any other journal. Moreover, all the authors listed in the paper must have significantly contributed to the research, and they will provide retractions or corrections of mistakes, if necessary.

All papers submitted to E.M. will be refereed. After an initial screening process performed by the Executive Board, each submission to E.M. is assigned to either a member of the Editorial Board, or to an independent referee under the supervision of a member of the Executive Board. If the process concludes with a positive recommendation accepted by the Executive Board, the final published (online and printed) copy will contain a declaration “Presented by” stating the member or members of the Executive or Editorial Board (or, eventually, an independent referee) which have managed the process. Upon acceptance, a LaTeX version of the submitted document will be required to the authors.

In case of conflict of interest, the members of the Executive or Editorial Board in conflict are excluded from the process. Particularly, E.M. uses a Double-Blind Peer Review process for papers submitted by a member of the Editorial Team.

Publication in E.M. is free from processing, submission or page charges, and all papers are freely available to read.

Appeals and complaints

Any appeal or complaint about scientific content will be handled by the Editor-in-Chief or Handling Editor, who will consider the author's arguments, the reports from the referees, and will recommend the executive Board to accept or reject the appeal. An independent opinion could be required by the Editor or the Executive Board.  Finally, the Executive Board will take a final decision and the author will be informed.

If the appeal or complaint is about the procedure, it will be handled by a member of the Editorial Team designated by the Editor-in-Chief. The complainantwill be given appropriate feedback, and the Executive Board will receive that feedback in order to improve the procedures and take the final decisions.

Complaints about publication ethics will be handled by the Executive Board, and will be resolved following the Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines.