Prolongations of G-structures related to Weil bundles and some applications

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P.M. Kouotchop Wamba
G.F. Wankap Nono
A. Ntyam


Let M be a smooth manifold of dimension m ≥ 1 and P be a G-structure on M , where G is a Lie subgroup of linear group GL(m). In [8], it has been defined the prolongations of G-structures related to tangent functor of higher order and some properties have been established. The aim of this paper is to generalize these prolongations to a Weil bundles. More precisely, we study the prolongations of G-structures on a manifold M , to its Weil bundle TAM (A is a Weil algebra) and we establish some properties. In particular, we characterize the canonical tensor fields induced by the A-prolongation of some classical G-structures.


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Kouotchop Wamba, P., Wankap Nono, G., & Ntyam, A. (2022). Prolongations of G-structures related to Weil bundles and some applications. Extracta Mathematicae, 37(1), 111-138.
Differential Geometry


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